Ontology of Designing
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Ontology of Designing
    Scope of the journal
Scope of the Journal

Applied Ontology of designing

  • Principles for the use of ontologies in designing;
  • Designing on by ontology;
  • Designing using ontology;
  • Concurrent engineering;
  • Ontology designing subject areas;
  • Intelligent design systems using ontology;
  • Technical manuals based on ontologies;
  • Ontology designing and learning systems;
  • Thesauri and knowledge in designing...

    Ontology Engineering

  • Cognitive principles of ontology;
  • Formalization of ontology languages​​;
  • Instrumental frameworks engineering of ontologies;
  • Construction of ontologies;
  • Finding semantic relations, the similarity between ontologies;
  • Composition of ontologies;
  • The dynamics of ontologies and denotative database;
  • Platforms, formats, standards for the engineering of ontologies;
  • Expert systems, shells and components...

    Methods and technologies of decision making

  • Decision support systems;
  • Criterial problem of decision-making;
  • The uncertainty of design information...

    General design issues: ontological aspects

  • The origins of the ontological approach in the natural sciences and engineering sciences;
  • The philosophy of technology;
  • Ontological Relativity and engineering metaontology;
  • Paradigms and principles of designing;
  • Space semantics and semiotics, psychology and biology , acmeology and sociology, phenomenology in project activities;
  • Essence, meaning and purpose of designing;
  • The role of epistemology, cognitive science in ontology of designing;
  • Subject and object of designing, the nature of their interaction and development...
  • Engineering psychology;
  • Man-machine interface;
  • Collective design;
  • Human resource management...